Process Planning



Vanamatic's engineering systems guarantee precision, accuracy, and efficiency from blueprint to manufactured product.  Customer drawings are verified for undefined product characteristics using SolidWorks 3D modeling.

Precise engineering continues into the tooling and layout development by using machine templates pre-defined in 3D models which delivers fast and accurate process designs.  This system delivers the flexible part family tool designs which can be used over multiple machines reducing machine setup times to save cost and increase capacity.

The control plans and detailed operator instructions are maintained in an internally developed system called SPEED (Single Point Entry of Engineering Documentation).  Paperless documents are available at all stations in production, quality, toolroom and any department needing reference to part specific process instructions.

On-going review of key measurables trigger job optimization to ensure defined processes are the most cost effective.  Improvements in manufacturing technology and techniques are researched and developed to provide cost reductions to our customers.


  • Electronic Tool Print System

  • Paperless Process Control Plans

  • Customer Blueprint Verification

  • Customer Design Assistance

  • Cost Out Idea Sharing

  • Machine Standard Design Libraries 

  • SolidWorks 3D CAD Modeling

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