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Vanamatic's engineering team provides complete design of production machines and integrated automation solutions aiding in manufacturing optimization.  Building in poke-yokes for error proofing and continuous evaluation of cutting edge tooling and coatings increases production efficiencies and improves product quality.

Research and development with innovated automation and technology has updated aged equipment with a lean focus on elimination of waste and reduction of non-skilled labor.
  • In feed/out feed conveyor with mechanical loading for labor savings

  • Track loading for unattended secondary operation

  • High speed drilling units for added technology with aged equipment

  • Parts accumulated for operator ergonomics and improved visual quality inspection

  • Stainless steel burr removal in primary operation (no added operation)

We employ the mindset of innovation by everyone at Vanamatic which increases our speed of process improvements.  The investment in this broad engineering capability creates a dynamic value proposition unique to our customers.


  • SolidWorks 3D CAD Software

  • Esprit CAM Software

  • Design Automation

  • Concept To Reality

  • System Integration

  • Ergonomics

  • System Mindset

  • Collaborative Robots

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