Ownership Transition

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Jeff Wiltsie, Perry Wiltsie,
Patricia (Wiltsie) Morris, & Jim Wiltsie Jr.
Vanamatic Company has been owned and operated by the Wiltsie Family for more than 65 years. Second generation owners; Jim Wiltsie Jr., Jeff Wiltsie, Perry Wiltsie, and Patricia (Wiltsie) Morris, have been working on a retirement exit plan for more than 5 years.

During that period a Strategic Group of Key Employees stepped up with great success in managing day to day operations.  Because of the success of the Strategic Group the transition plan focused on an internal ownership transition rather than external.  In July 2018, Jim Wiltsie Jr. was the first to be able to retire.

“This transition ensures Vanamatic Company will remain privately owned and operated for the foreseeable future and gives confidence and security to our customers, suppliers, community, and most importantly to our employees that a smooth transition will occur.”

"We have great confidence that the new ownership group will continue to successfully lead and guide Vanamatic Company well into the future.” – Jeff Wiltsie, CEO

The new ownership group will consist of Scott Wiltsie, HR Manager, Adam Wiltsie, Plant Manager, Jared Wiltsie, Engineering Manager, Steve Schroeder, Director of Sales & Marketing, and Dave Ricker, II, Information Technology Manager.  All the members of the new ownership group have been with the company for more than 20 years and have taken on key management positions over the past 5-6 years.

“The new ownership group has done a tremendous job leading Vanamatic’s’ growth and expansion over the past 5 years.   Their efforts, along with the best employees you could ask for, have positioned the Company to continue providing industry leading results for our customers.” Jeff Wiltsie, CEO

Scott Wiltsie, Adam Wiltsie, Jared Wiltsie,
Steve Schroeder, & David Ricker II

Patricia Morris, CFO will be officially retiring at the end of this year while Jeff & Perry Wiltsie will remain with the company over the next 5 years, as shareholders, Directors, and as mentors to support the new ownership group as they move forward.

“My involvement with the Company began in the early 90’s.  I had the pleasure of working with dad, James N. Wiltsie, Sr., prior to his passing in ‘92.  I began performing some accounting functions as well as providing LuAnn Armstrong a backup.  In August 2010, due to LuAnn’s passing, I stepped into her role in the Company.

It has been a pleasure working with so many family members and friends, but I look forward to enjoying retirement with my husband and visiting our kids and grandkids more often.   I wish my brothers and the new owners continued success.” Tricia Morris, CFO.

“My father believed that the employees were the most valuable asset that the Company has.  I agree.  My goal in working to put this plan in place has been to protect the employees from what can happen when a Company is sold to a larger entity.  This plan will also allow our employees and Vanamatic to continue the relationship we have had with the organizations, businesses and the community for many more years to come.”   - Perry Wiltsie, Vice President of Quality

Vanamatic Company, located in Delphos, Ohio, is a global supplier of precision machined components to the aerospace, automotive, fluid power and general fittings industry and has been family owned and operated since 1954. 

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